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​Day of "No Más Basura"

Join us!
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November - April           Every Thursday
May - September           Every Other Thursday

Separating our urban solid waste in the correct manner is the beginning to a better planet.

Schedule and Location

08:00 - 10:00 am

Farmer's Market, La Ventana, B.C.S., Mexico

​About the event

No Más Basura Day is one of our first strategies to reduce the amount of garbage that ends up in our landfill, on our land, our arroyos, and consequently in the sea.

Knowing the trajectory of waste is extremely important. It is the root of promoting environmental awareness.

In our recycling center, all your solid urban waste has an appropriate final destination.

Are you aware of the trajectory of your waste?
Bring them separated and we'll tell you all about it!
What do we receive?
  • Plastics

  • Glass

  • Metal (aluminum and tin)

  • Styrofoam/Polystyrene

  • Cork

  • Batteries



  • Appliances​

  • Cigarette butts

  • Shade sails

  • Tarps

Visit our Recycling Guide to learn about the appropriate way to separate.

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